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What is RESTORExchange Database?

What is RESTORExchange Database?

The RESTORExchange database is a multidisciplinary, publicly available resource whose primary function is to organize and curate existing efforts, publications, tools, and art that highlight the interaction between faith and sustainability. The database aims to build an advanced network of exchange and partnership between faith-based organizations, communities, and families on a local, regional, and global level in the common interest of environmental sustainability.

We recognize faith as a significant driver for engagement with the environment, government, culture, and community with more than 80% of the human population identifying with a religion. Thus, supporting existing projects and promoting community-level solutions is integral to the RESTORExchange database. This database is designed to allow you to find existing resources and also to upload your own resources that you’d like to promote and share with others.

How to use the Database?

Already have an idea in mind?
     Enter the
"Database" for a detailed search

Looking for inspirations?

  1. Take a look at the database "Map" to see what's around you (or what people are doing related to environment and religion from all over the world)

  2. Are you a visual learner? Explore "Gallery," where we exhibit and invite photo content that portrays links between religion and environment.

Want to contribute to the database?
    –– There are many ways to help with the cause!

  1. Submit helpful resources for the database using these forms

  2. Submit sustainability success stories as profile, program, or event entries

  3. Submit your feedback to help us improve

  4. Share anything with friends who might find our resources helpful!

The Team

Greg Hitzhusen


Bud Witney

Tech Specialist

Salma Albezreh

Research & Design

Mustafa Mahmoud


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