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Have resources on religion and/or the environment that you want to share? Submit them in the best-fitting category below!

Hebrew Writings

Written/Textual Resource

Paint Brushes

Visual/Artistic Resource

Office employee


Warrior One


Books, articles, web pages, PDFs, reports, statements, etc.

A specific website that is deemed a resource itself (webpages where content is the resource should go under "Written/Textual 


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People, organizations, or communities/

congregations and the creation care work they are doing

Meetings, conferences, lectures, volunteer opportunities, festivals, services that one might attend to engage religion-environment issues and questions

Videos, musical items, photos/images, paintings, sculptures, etc.

Initiatives or programs offered by an organization that engages participants through some form of sustainability work, action, volunteering, practice, etc.

Photos, images, JPEGs, etc. taken in person to be added to RESTORExchange Photo Gallery

You will be transferred to the appropriate form based on your selection.

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